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asta-1 Reviving Jelly


oli-1® Therapeutic Serum


100% natural, highly stable jelly formulation with major ingredients including astaxanthin, glycosaminoglycans and wasabi root extract. This evening jelly deeply replenishes skin cells with aqua power, nutrients and very potent anti-oxidants to recover from damages caused by exposure to UV rays, free radicals, and various kinds of pollution and stress during daytime. Skin quality is enhanced with improved firmness, clarity and smoothness.

Highly stable formulation enables the jelly to resume to its smooth texture in no time, offering a brand new, fresh feeling every time it is used.



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  • Protect skin cells from damages caused by UV rays, free radicals, various kinds of pollution and stress; prevent photo-ageing*
  • Improve skin firmness, tighten pores, smoothen fine lines and wrinkles
  • Provide deep and long-lasting hydration that leaves skin sufficiently moisturized and radiant
  • Instantly soothe severely dry skin e.g. in extremely cold/dry weather conditions or on board an aircraft, etc. and provide shield against moisture loss
  • Solve difficulties in applying and maintaining make-up due to skin dryness

    For usage before make-up, it is recommended to mix asta-1® Reviving Jelly with similar portion of toner. After applying to face, wait for about 3 minutes before make-up application for optimized result


    *Savoure, N., Briand, G., Amory-Touz, M., Combre, A., Maudet, M. “Vitamin A status and metabolism of cutaneous polyamines in the hairless mouse after UV irradiation: action of beta-carotene and astaxanthin.” International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research. 65(2): 79-86.

Daily Care:
Once a day. Evening application after cleansing. Use asta-1® Reviving Jelly as the last step of your skin care regime.

Special Care:
As needed for treatment of dehydration or problems with makeup application.

    100% made in Japan