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Medical Skincare

Medical Skincare for the Professionals
a² Pharmaceutical has specialized in highly efficacious skin healing and anti-ageing solutions for the medical and aesthetic industries in Japan since 1986. Leveraging years of research and clinical trials in the professional sector, our team of scientists are extending their medical expertise to home users with a new line of anti-ageing solutions.
Clinical Formulations for Skin Healing and Revival
Delicately blending advanced, the most efficacious dosage of active ingredients with natural nourishing elements, a² Pharmaceutical products work from the cell level to re-orchestrate the skin architecture, stimulating skin cells to heal, regenerate and revive to its most energetic and youthful pattern.
Clinical formulations for skin healing and revival
Medical Skincare Highly Efficacious Results
Studies indicated a² Pharmaceutical formulations produce instant and significant outcome on skin rejuvenation.
No Harmful Ingredients
All a² Pharmaceutical products contain no steroid, no paraben, no fragrance and no artificial coloring and are safe for users with sensitive skin, pregnant women and children.
Clinical formulations for skin healing and revival
    100% made in Japan